How to Make Your Dream Staycation Happen

We have rounded up the things to consider when looking for a place to stay so you can make the most out of your staycation.

Everybody loves the weekend. No waking up early, no long commute to work and no rushed breakfast.

Say goodbye to deadlines, the snooze button and the traffic. At least for a day or two. If you are planning to spend your weekend for a staycation * here are some tips on finding the perfect place for you.


1. Know your budget.
How much are you willing to spend? There are places where affordability and comfort are both possible. Hence, a  staycation does not have to leave you broke. Indeed, that dream staycation *can* happen. More tips ahead. Hang in there.

Although, if you have a big budget allotted, check also if the price and everything that comes with it is worth it. Whether you will spend a lot or not on your weekend hotel stay, value for money is still first and foremost. But what is value for money?


2. Look for your ideal.
Value for money could mean many things to different people. Some people are more willing to spend on big rooms, some on complete amenities (gym, pool, sauna, etc.). There are those who are happy as long as the bed is like sleeping on a cloud. And there are those who look forward to the complementary breakfast. Which one are putting your money on? What does your ideal staycation look like?


Soft sheets for long slumber. #priorities

3. Check out promos.
Some hotels offer lower rates when you book weeks prior to your stay. If you book earlier, you get a steal. Imagine, the money you will spend on a deluxe room could get you a 1-BR suite if you reserve early! More room for the kids! Or for your Instagram story. Visit and book on the hotel’s official websites to avail these heaven-sent money savers.

If you have already decided on your ideal place, we suggest adding some side trips while you are at it.


4. Get to know the location.
One perk of staycationing is getting to explore the city. A lot of hotels are located in business districts like Ortigas and Makati and are always busy on weekdays. But the charm of these places come out when explored and thus rediscovered. Because the working populace in the metro is absent during the weekends, the hustle and bustle becomes a calm and charm that you never thought the city had.

If you love historical sites, perhaps booking a hotel in Manila would make more sense. You can roam the city streets, tour Intramuros, check out old relics and have authentic Chinese food in Binondo after. (The Philippines’ China Town is said to be oldest in the world.) If the proximity of mall-to-hotel and checking out food finds is your liking, then Rockwell Center in Makati is your best bet.


weekend staycation

Intramuros-stroll for the history junkie.
Photo by Allan Jay Quesada.

weekend staycation

Food crawl in the metro for the foodies.
Aerial photo of Rockwell, Makati by Bong Bajo.


And lastly…


5. Enjoy!
The slow pace of the weekend is a luxury and a gift. Ease into the day slowly, stay in bed longer than usual, have breakfast later than usual. This is the time you get to just enjoy every second and relish every moment. Thus, go ahead and watch the kids play without worrying about work. Stare at your significant other longer across the table. Time is a gift, so make sure it is well spent and savored.


* (staycation: Word combination of “stay” and “vacation”. Leisurely activities done by an individual or family within driving distance from home.)

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