The Bride Diet: How to Be Fit for Your Wedding Day (and Even After)

Some brides deprive themselves in preparation for their wedding. The term “bride diet” has thus been coined. The pressure of looking stunning on this milestone is real. (Hello, wedding photos and wedding reel.)  However, subscribing to crash diets is highly discouraged as these can be more dangerous to your health and not worth it. Nothing beats working out and a balanced diet.


Dear Beautiful Bride,

Your groom already likes you as he already put a ring not it. But we feel you– you’d like to look perfect on your perfect day. We cheer you on as you take the wedding preparations as a stimuli to kick starting a healthier you!


To help you in your new journey, here are our top 5 menu items that can help you (and even your soon-to-be-hubby) in making better choices towards becoming the better version of you.


P. S. Perfect for date nights.


1. Andre’s Poké

bride diet tuna ceviche sriracha

Tuna ceviche, soy-sesame dressing, Sriracha mayonnaise

Served on light and crunchy crostinis. Taste the difference with our tuna ceviche that has piqued taste buds before all the craze over poke bowls. (Poke Party: 10 Places to Get Poke Bowls in Manila)


2. Zuchinni “spaghetti” 

bride diet shrimp and zuchinni

Fresh zucchini, basil, cherry tomatoes, parmesan cheese, java walnut, shrimp

If you were that kid who has a love-hate relationship with vegetables, this veggie-based comfort food will change your mind. #LoveWins  No bloating, no dense carbs from noodles. Everyone wins.


3. Grilled Salmon Fillet

bride diet grilled salmon

Grilled salmon fillet, mango-tomato salsa, couscous pilaf, buttered asparagus

Nice crust outside, but still soft and pink as your knife cuts through this carefully prepared omega 3-rich fish. The mango-tomato salsa’s flavor will dance in your palette with the salmon’s subtle but distinct flavor, balanced nicely by the couscous pilaf. 

If you like a lighter dish with salmon, we also have Smoked Salmon Salad. Hubby could have the whole fillet, or share some with you, and save you some of the calories.


4. Mackerel Pike

bride diet fish cauliflower rice

Miso-marinated pike, roasted tomatoes, choice of cauliflower rice or kimchi rice

A unique take on fish, with your choice of kimchi rice or cauliflower rice. The kimchi rice adds a punch of flavor to your meal while the cauliflower rice blends well with the pike and lets the fish’s flavor take center stage. Celebrities swear by cauliflower rice as a healthier alternative to grains.


5. Mushroom and Spinach Empanaditas

bride diet mushroom spinach truffle oil

Mushroom, spinach, garlic, onion, truffle oil, cream

A favorite in events, this party staple never ceases to surprise. The thin flaky pastry puff enveloping the medley of flavors greets your first bite. You could taste all the ingredients, held together by the evident flavor of truffle.


Mesclun Restaurant and Cafe is located at 2/F The Linden Suites, San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Business Center, Pasig City. Walk-ins are welcome. Drop by with your fiancé and start your journey to healthy eating today.

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