Wedding Hacks to Keep Your Big Day Stress-Free

There is so much beauty, joy and love overflowing in weddings as two souls seal their lifelong journey, witnessed by loved ones. For couples planning to tie the knot, here are wedding hacks by Mesclun for a blissful wedding day.

wedding hacks

A common mistake is focusing so much on the wedding day itself that couples forget to enjoy the journey in preparing for it. The days leading to your Big Day is as important and can help you and your fiancé grow closer as you pace yourselves for the day you say “I do.”

Allotting enough time for the planning will help keep the stress levels lower compared to cramming your wedding preps. More time, too, to enjoy your last few days as yet-to-be Mr. and Mrs.

wedding hacks

Plans hold things together and keep as many unexpected things at bay. However, if something unplanned happens, don’t let it ruin your wonderful day of being wed.

Some of the best moments were ones we didn’t plan for at all—like a fabulous photograph of my dress train all tangled up with leaves and dirt. Sure, it was messy and not what you’re used to seeing in bridal magazines, but it was also honest and a truly joyful moment that could easily have gone south if we’d been uptight about things. —Teresa and Ben

wedding hacks

Planning could get overwhelming when you start thinking about everything you need to do. But as all things work for the good, starting with one detail will eventually lead you to ticking off everything on your list.

Start with the date, venue and your budget. Ask a friend or two who had a nicely planned wedding. Some good friends might even offer to help or connect you with an excellent wedding coordinator when they find out you’re getting married.

Fret not. All things will fall into place.

And lastly, topping our list of wedding hacks…

wedding hacks

Some suppliers offer an array of services, saving you time scouring for separate suppliers, saving you money you can spend on other things or keep in the bank for future needs of the family you are building.

Choose videographers that can also do photo coverage. Book an appointment with the caterer who does styling and floral arrangements. Set a meeting with that relative who can play the guitar, sing and curates lovely playlists on Spotify.

In entrusting multiple tasks to fewer persons, you get to save on mental bandwidth too on talking and coordinating with so many. If work-life balance is so important, wedding planning-life balance is just as vital.

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