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Will Party – Madeleine’s 2nd Birthday

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Written by: Chef Katrina Kuhn-Alcantara


When one of my girls in the office asked me what theme we were doing for Madeleine’s 2nd birthday, I initially said that I wasn’t thinking of throwing a party. She looked at me like I was in denial. The truth is I love throwing parties and it’s no coincidence that I make a living out of it. Even the theme that I chose, Classic Pooh, has been on my back burner of ideas for a couple of years. It was really a matter of when I was executing it, not if.

maddie 1-invite-c

As much as I love paper and handwritten notes, for invitations, I prefer to go digital because I always lose invitations and end up asking the host or other guests for details (date & time!) later on.

I don’t always get too thematic on the food but I was too inspired not to do it this time.
maddie 2-ad8_4128-copy

Pooh’s Hunny Chips
in which one piece is not enough


maddie 3 - ad8_4251

Roo’s Raclette
in which raclette is melted on potatoes or bread


maddie 4 - ad8_4118

Kanga’s Pita Pouches
in which there’s lamb & tzatziki


maddie 5 - ad8_42412

Tiggers’s Twisted Pasta
in which shrimp is cooked in tomato cream sauce


maddie 6 - ad8_4191-copy

Christopher Robins’s Fish & Chips
in which Pooh wanted a hunny dip


maddie 7 - ad8_4114

Eeyore’s Tail-less Chicken
in which it’s bone-less too!


maddie 8 - ad8_4325

Arce Dairy Chocolate Ice Cream + Churros Cone


maddie 9 - ad8_33191

Piglet’s Pppink Pppomelo Pppunch
Pooh’s Hunny Lemon Iced Tea
Owl’s Beverages
in which NO KIDS are allowed
Gin Basil
Bloody Mary
White Wine

The cake/dessert table at kiddie parties is the piece de resistance for me and where I like to do a cuteness overload. For Maddie’s 2nd Birthday, we made 5 cakes using a beehive mold because, well, I had to fill up the table.

maddie 10 - ad8_3375-copy1 maddie 11 - cakes

For tablescapes, I asked Sonja Ocampo of Sonja’s Cupcakes to make shortbread cookies with Pooh designs because I don’t really do characters. We put them on a basket of flowers to make centerpieces. While we were at it, I also asked them to make some cupcakes that we can scatter in-between the cakes. Kudos to Sonja’s talented team who reminded me of those cake reality shows that can do anything you ask them to.


maddie 12 - ad8_3415-copy maddie 13 - tables2

One of the reasons I love Classic Pooh are the quotations. We made bookmarks and printed pages of the story book and put them on the tables.


maddie 14 maddie 15 - registration-a

I learned a lot about honey while making these truffle honey jar give-aways for adults. That’s a story for another day. (Just don’t trust most honey you see around.)


maddie 16 - ad8_4345

For the kids’ give-away, I found these cute training chopsticks randomly while I was in Singapore a few months back. Since my daughter turned 2, I didn’t think a bag of candies was an appropriate loot bag.

Had I not done any of the above and just hired Barnyard Friends on Wheels Petting Zoo, my daughter and her friends would still have had the time of their lives. To hear shrieking laughter and a permanent smile on her face until the evening made it a really happy birthday to her and happy giving birth day to me.


maddie 17 - ad8_4564 maddie 18 - ad8_3856-copy

p.s. Thanks to my Mesclun team for another job very well done. Sonja’s Cupcakes, Barnyard Friends on Wheels Petting Zoo and Adrian Ardiente for the photos.

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